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What Our Veterans Say…

Vet-Tech has allowed us to work side-by-side with the most promising startups, the most experienced mentors, the most active investors, and a highly-engaged community of representatives from dozens of Fortune 500 technology companies. Vet-Tech is like a side-door for veterans into the best resources that Silicon Valley has to offer.”

Tom Cox
Tom CoxCEO, Candl

“For the past four years, Vet-Tech has been an integral part of our company’s strategic development. They have the skill of identifying “cash on the table”, but more importantly will assist in getting it. As a veteran entrepreneur in tech, it’s been a pleasure working with an accelerator that understands my background and will assist us in achieving our vision.”

Anthony Garcia
Anthony GarciaCEO, GuideOn

“Vet-Tech is brilliant. They are a generous and indispensable part of my team. I feel confident in my future success and believe all Veterans will benefit from working with such an astute organization.”

Jay Harris
Jay HarrisCEO, Traqqo

“As a start up, the networking and connections that Vet-Tech provides are invaluable. The ability to plug in our mission and vision straight into a support structure designed for success has been a great foundation for our company.”

Erica McMannes
Erica McMannesCEO, MadSkills

“Vet-Tech has given us more than the opportunity to expand our network; it has helped us become better veteran entrepreneurs. The business expertise was evident from the start but what truly inspired us was their passion and commitment on passing along everything they could to ensure our mission success.”

Carlos Romero
Carlos RomeroCEO, Livi

“When Warrior Centric Health met Vet-Tech 2 years ago, we had a strong emphasis on a B2C business model. Vet-Tech provided prophetic counsel that B2B was where they foresaw the real ability to scale our business. This B2B pivot now has our company positioned as the market leader and category builder in our niche.”

Ronald Steptoe
Ronald SteptoeCEO, Warrior Centric Health

“Vet-Tech helped us as we evolved from a concept into a patent-pending, scalable product. They have provided resources, advice and support throughout the startup life cycle; filling in the gaps where needed. Great people to have on our team!”

 Reynaldo Gil
Reynaldo GilCEO, Reylabs, Inc.

“There was no way GovBrain could have made it this far without Vet-Tech. From the start, it was a perfect fit. Vet-Tech’s mentors identified our strengths and weaknesses and we were able to address them to help build our company. Vet-Tech gave us enormous advantages in strategy development along with numerous introductions for future clients and partners. Vet-Tech was also instrumental in inviting us to Silicon Valley to pitch to their network of mentors and investors.”

Brent Eastwood
Brent EastwoodPhD & CEO, Govbrain

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